Top 5 Colorado Ski Resort Destinations

How To Choose a Ski Resort 

 I did not start skiing as a hobby until I ended up moving to Colorado for an employment opportunity. Quickly, I came to realize that individual ski resorts around the state each have their own unique personality traits (so to speak) that help skiers and boarders find their best fit for a day out. Things that make one ski resort vary from another include the ambiance and accommodations. What are the hotels, restaurants, and bars like? Is the resort best suited for families and adults? Are the services provided adequately for experienced skiers, or is the resort location best suited for beginners? These are a few questions it is important that we need to ask ourselves before checking out a new ski resort or booking our next ski vacation. 

 Aspen – A classic, luxury ski vacation resort destination for new and experienced skiers alike.

 No list of Colorado ski destinations would be complete without mentioning the high-class, well-known destination for those who hold themselves to the highest standards – Aspen, colorado. Aspen Highlands, AJAX, and Buttermilk mountains each have a variety of runs, favored by skiers who come to visit from around the world. Fine dining and luxury hotels line the streets.

 Snowmass – Homey charm and hills friendly for beginners, snowboarders, and experts all the same. 

 Just outside of Aspen is Snowmass Mountain. This mountain is a favorite of both skiers and snowboarders, with an excellent variety of runs and more affordable food and drink for the less luxury-oriented traveler. May I suggest Base Camp Restaurant for a simple meal before or after skiing?

 Breckenridge – A local favorite for laid-back ski days and meeting up with friends.

 For Colorado residents, resorts like Aspen and Snowmass can feel over-hyped or too busy from time to time. Breckenridge has a cool, kicked-back vibe and is perfect for younger Colorado residents making a day or weekend trip to hit some fresh powder and enjoy that “steep and deep.” 

 Vail – Easy to access comfort with an upscale attitude and a variety of runs.

 One alternative to the Aspen – Snowmass area is Vail, Colorado. Also known for luxury accommodations and fine dining, this ski town does not have four mountains but does have four exits for easy access when making the drive to visit. There is plenty to do for those who enjoy shopping, nature, and apres-ski afternoons spent sipping cocktails by a crackling fire. 

 Winter Park – Your new hotspot for celebrity sightings and killer ski runs. 

 Many celebrities share tweets and Instagram posts while enjoying the winter weather in the aptly named city of Winter Park, Colorado. This ski destination city is known for cool, fully accommodated temporary rentals and for its varied ski runs that appeal to locals and visitors alike. Don’t forget the great rental shops at this resort, where it is a blast to try out the latest release skis at a fraction of the cost that would be associated with the purchase. 

 Wherever you choose to ski, stay safe and have fun. This upcoming ski season is the perfect time to hone your skills and try out a new destination for skiing and visiting. My personal recommendations – try as many different resorts out as you possibly can!